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Transform you life with Holistic Yoga & Meditation. We offer Queensland yoga retreats, Brisbane meditation courses, Tantra workshops, Life coaching sessions, Enneagram workshops and Maroochydore yoga classes. Our next yoga retreat is Body Mind Soul on Bribie Island.

yoga retreats, Brisbane meditation courses, tantra workshops, Enneagram workshopyoga retreats, Brisbane meditation courses, tantra workshops, Enneagram workshopyoga retreats, Brisbane meditation courses, tantra workshops, Enneagram workshopyoga retreats, Brisbane meditation courses, tantra workshops, Enneagram workshop
Happy Living Retreat

Long Weekend Retreat
02 Oct 2015 - 05 Oct 2015
Sunshine Coast

Yoga retreats Queensland
Awakening your inner potential – Enneagram workshop Brisbane

10 Oct 2015 - 11 Oct 2015

Enneagram workshop Brisbane, personal development Brisbane
The art of love - Tantra workshop

24 Oct 2015 - 25 Oct 2015

Brisbane Tantra sex workshop, sacred sex, relationship workshop, Tantric sex Bri
Happy Living - a holistic lifestyle workshop

1-day workshop
14 Nov 2015

Brisbane yoga workshop, happy living workshop, Brisbane depression workshop, Hol

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Welcome to Holistic Yoga & Meditation

• We offer transforming yoga courses in Brisbane and wonderful yoga classes in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. There are also many yoga workshops, Brisbane meditation courses, yoga retreats and events on our calendar. Check the schedule to join one of our yoga courses.

• Please visit our classes or events page for details of our Brisbane yoga workshops and Maroochydore yoga classes as well as our special introductory offer of a 4 week pass for $30. Our Maroochydore classes are held in Cotton tree and all of the yoga equipment is supplied.

• Included in our annual program are our Queensland yoga retreats which are popular events. Our yoga retreats are diverse with a theme to help awaken us to our inner potential creating balance and harmony in our life. Our annual Easter yoga retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland is a highlight on our calendar with participants experiencing deep stillness and inner peace, a life-changing experience.

• We also embrace the role of sexual energy in our lives with our Brisbane Tantra workshops. The art of love Tantra workshop is a journey into the world of sacred sexuality, relationships and Tantric sexuality.

• Holistic Yoga & Meditation also recognise the sphere of personal development as intrinsic to our inner growth and evolution. Our Brisbane Enneagram workshops are a significant part of our program offering deep insights into our inner world, our emotions and our personality type. The Enneagram generates powerful inner transformations, improving our relationships, increasing our self-awareness and creating deeper self-acceptance and offering genuine and authentic personal growth.

• Corporate yoga and meditation classes and packages are available on request as well as private classes.

• We also offer transforming life-coaching programs with Anthony O'Flynn who is a certified life coach. Discover how you can change your life and experience more fulfilling outcomes and consciously create positive change in your life.

• For more details regarding our yoga courses, life-coaching packages, yoga retreats and our various events, feel free to contact us for a friendly chat.

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