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Challenges – a gift in disguise?

By Nina Hansen

Would your ideal life be a life free from challenges? Where everyday is like a perfect holiday with sunshine, blue skies and no responsibilities or difficult tasks of any kind.

Or could it be that this world and your life, is a school for your inner self and that challenges are the best teachers your soul can have on this journey?

Challenges makes you stronger

When you want to strengthen and make your body more resilient you may choose to exercise like walking uphill, running or lifting weights. We can say that you are making life hard for the body. It appears your inner self works the same and that challenges makes you stronger and wiser.

Through the pain of loosing someone you love you develop compassion and understanding for others that go through the same.

Spending time with your family and friends teaches you patience.

Most likely there will be times in your life where you have go through something really difficult – which will leave you with the precious gift of being a better problem solver and have increased confidence in your abilities and survival skills.

A more complete life experience

We cant always control what happens in life, but we can choose how to respond.

Tantric text Hevajra Tantra states: Useless is a gem uncut but once cut it shines forth its brilliance.

With this change of perspective  where life is a journey of learning, you will find that no matter what happens, you are always a winner.

Because different experiences pleasant or unpleasant gives you a broader perspective on life. And stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to grow.

Every challenge expand and develop your inner self – it is like growing up continuously on the inside. Challenges nurtures and primes your soul for a more complete life experience.

Be grateful for the grace and the challenges

So be grateful for the grace and challenges in your life that allows you to grow and become a beautiful and complete human being filled with inner strength, love and compassion.

About the author

Nina Hansen

Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Nina Hansen has walked the spiritual path for over 18 years. Nina's profound wisdom and serenity captivates participants at the numerous workshops, retreats and courses that she leads. Nina's spiritual dedication and loving nature can be felt during the various teachings she offers that are flavoured by her gentle and soft teaching style. Compassion and tolerance are intrinsic components in her ability to convey the message of yoga and spirituality in a modern and contemporary approach.

Originally Norwegian, after studying and living in England and travelling extensively, Nina now calls Australia home and prefers the pristine beaches and warmer sub-tropical climate of the Sunshine Coast. 

Nina has followed the Tantric path since 1999 and this focus is reflected in her teachings on Tantric sexuality, the awakening of the divine feminine and her skillful practice and transmission of the transforming practice of Tantric yoga. Nina’s path as a Tantric teacher is one of authenticity and integrity as she communicates this diverse and fulfilling path.

Nina embodies a sincere and mature attitude to genuine inner growth. This is reflected in her understanding that bringing spiritual practice into every moment of life by cultivating awareness is an essential quality to develop on the spiritual path. This ability to remain present is fundamental to expanding consciousness and is a constant reminder to embrace the journey of life and cherish each and every day.

As a truly gifted graphic designer, Nina runs her own thriving business – Nina Hansen Design where she uses her natural appreciation of aesthetics in a visual context. Nina has previously worked in some of the biggest and most successful design agencies around the world but now prefers the freedom and flexibility of her own business.  Nina completed her studies in Visual Communications and the History of Art and Design in England. Nina is also an enthusiastic dancer and revels in the glitz, energy and flow of all things Latin dance.

It is perhaps fitting that her travels to India marked the beginning of Nina’s spiritual path. Nina was fascinated with the richness of Indian philosophy, specifically Tantra and quickly became absorbed by metaphysical and esoteric teachings. Her strong background in art, creativity and design gave Nina a deep appreciation of spiritual art, architecture and esoteric symbolism, all of which have an important role in the spiritual tradition of India.

Nina followed the calling of her soul to embark on the spiritual journey and search for happiness and true inner peace. After this beginning Nina spent extended periods in both India and Thailand practicing and studying this path of wisdom.

Nina has realised that the relentless pursuit of happiness was at the heart of human existence and yet this happiness is always within. The contentment we are all searching for is a deep inner peace and Nina lives each day through the understanding that happiness is a choice and we are the ones responsible for making that choice in each and every moment.

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