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Yoga brings mind, body & soul into perfect alignment with the stillness & joy of the universe.

Nina Hansen

Holistic Yoga – moving into stillness

Our yoga style is a combination of dynamic and static poses working to activate and energise the 7 chakras. The sequence of postures balances and clears your energy field creating balance, harmony and deep self-acceptance. 

This unique style of yoga uses the body as a vehicle to create positive emotions, inner peace and a meditative stillness of the mind. Discover the fusion of mind, body and energy at this experiential journey through the harmonising of your 7 chakras.

“Yoga has given my life so much richness and fulfilment. I feel I am able to experience life positively with a deep gratitude for the simple joys and the wonder that each day brings. ”

Nina Hansen

A unique style of yoga

This unique yogic system will assist in the strengthening of both your core and back while stimulating the purification of your organs as well as harmonising the endocrine system and reducing both physiological and psychological tension. 

Uniting tradition with innovation

Holistic Yoga & Meditation offers a comprehensive system of yoga based on time-honoured esoteric techniques. The structure is introduced gradually and the practice will take you to a deeper more peaceful level of your being. The yoga system combines the mysticism of the East with the rational coherent more scientific perspective way of the West.

We seek to empower you to embrace the yogic lifestyle and experientially discover the genuine transforming qualities of this yoga system.


The classes

The classes themselves commence with a series of the sun salutations and warming exercises. This is followed by the contents of the class, which includes asanas (postures), bandhas (locks), mudras (gestures) and meditations. These are the various classes of techniques used in the yoga practice. We conclude with a deep relaxation.

Importantly, participants require no previous knowledge or experience in yoga.

Holistic Yoga & Meditation aims to demystify and convey the timeless tradition of yoga while preserving the essence of this rich and diverse system of health, personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Discover your own inner peace, balance and harmony at one of our Maroochydore yoga classes or our various workshops, courses and yoga retreats.

What they say

I’m inspired to practice, learn more and more away from the classroom and yoga mat. Nina is a perfectly wonderful teacher of yoga, life, love, energy and the universe. Come and change your world


I opened my heart to the universe. – Thanks Nina


Thank you for reminding me what is important in life and for providing a life transforming experience.