Mindfulness | Holistic Yoga & Meditation

Make the choice to return again and again to the present moment and discover a new dimension of your being – a lasting and enduring peace.

Anthony O'Flynn

Holistic mindfulness – the path to peace

The art of presence and the skill of remaining mindful during life's challenges enables you to consciously respond to situations and people rather than unconsciously reacting.

Holistic mindfulness or presence is a cornerstone of our teachings. It is a practice that is relevant in all of the modalities that we offer, which include yoga, meditation, personal development, conscious relationships and sacred sexuality. Mindfulness brings all of these practices to a deeper and entirely new level.

“Mindfulness is a practice for the new paradigm of human awakening. The spaciousness and inner freedom that results from simply being creates a deep transformation, acceptance and inner peace.”

Anthony O'Flynn

Embracing the gift of every moment

What is holistic mindfulness?

It is the continued ability to remain in the present moment and focus your attention on what is occurring in the perpetual eternal now.

This practice transforms your relationship with your mind as you are no longer remorseful and regretful of the past or fearful and anxious about the future. 

By discarding preconditioned mental patterns, negative habits and self–limiting belief systems, a doorway is opened to experiencing life in a state of serenity and calmness.

This opening creates the space for reality as it is in each and every moment without expectation, contraction or frustration. This practice embraces the simplicity of the moment and you then begin to realise that the experience of each moment creates genuine states of joy and equilibrium. 

By the practice of Holistic Mindfulness you can step out of your preconditioned mindset and allow yourself to experience life from the simplicity and beauty of the present moment. 

Free from conditioning of the past and expectations for the future, you create an opening for positive change where you experience a fresh start and create the life you truly want to live and become the person you truly want to be.


Who can practice

The practice of mindfulness is for everyone. It is a simple practice that does not need any specific skills except for the decision to choose to be here and now and not 'lost' in the mind.

Mindfulness is all about showing up for each and every moment. 

The effects

The practice of mindfulness has numerous benefits including –

  • The ability to respond to situations rather than react.
  • A feeling of clearness and clarity of the mind. 
  • Increased effectiveness in decision making and critical analysis.
  • Creating positive neural pathways in the brain.
  • A greater amount of fulfillment and appreciation for life's simple joys.

The rewards are awesome

Mindfulness and the practice of presence is becoming a world-wide phenomenon that people from all over the world are embracing. This is due it its universal application to create innner peace while resolving life's ongoing challenges.

We teach the practice of mindulness at our various yoga retreats.

What they say

This meditation retreat has woken me up and reminded me to nurture my soul no matter what. It has helped me find a place of peace, which feels very empowering.


With respect, constant support, encouragement in a safe and happy, positive environment, Nina and Anthony helped me to realize that what I was searching for was with me all the time. Showed me how to unlock my mind, heart, and soul. I now look at life with new eyes - new beginning - I can say I have left the old me behind. Only forward. Only positive. I gained so much more from this experience. Thank you to Nina and Anthony


The combination of Anthony's knowledge and explanation of the spiritual pathways available to all of us with the beautiful surroundings and delicious food made this one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Anthony teaches in such a way that we all can combine a greater understanding of the divine within our daily lives. An unmissable experience.