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What they say

Nourishing the feminine heart retreat

This retreat was a beautiful experience, I learned so much about myself. Nina you provided such a sacred space for me to be me. Thank you.


This was a beautiful gentle workshop in a peaceful setting with lots of variety. I enjoyed that I did not have to be an expert at yoga or meditation.

Jenny, Nourishing the feminine heart retreat

A great rejuvenating experience. I felt very well cared for and the course was very well planned and beautifully navigated by Nina.

Fay, Nourishing the feminine heart retreat

Nourishing the feminine heart is absolutely beautiful. I didn't realise how much of myself I had shut down, how much my heart had closed. Thank you Nina.

Theresa, Nourishing the feminine heart retreat

I really enjoyed the chance to get away from the chatter of everyday life. Nina is a fantom of knowledge and I found her manner soothing and inspiring. There was a good balance of yoga and workshop presentations. The food was healthy and delicious.

Rachelle, Nourishing the feminine heart retreat

I felt so special and intimate! It was really special to connect with so many amazing women.

Trine, Nourishing the feminine heart retreat

Art of love workshop

Both Anthony & Nina have a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass onto all of us, whether it be learning how to love again, learn how each other’s polarity and the world around us affect us or learn to acquire a higher level of vibration, it is this and so much more that will certainly enrich your life and for those around you. We all need this knowledge! Highly recommended you do it, no hesitation.

Miriam, Art of love workshop

Another brilliant workshop about the fusion of love, sex and spirituality. It's truly a blessing to have Anthony and Nina deliver such timely and beautiful teachings about the art of love. Thank you with my deepest gratitude.

Lill, Art of love workshop

The essence of love and life fundamental to all existence was explained in realistic, practical terms. These are mandatory learnings of life. Thank you to the beautiful Nina and the dynamic Anthony.

Marie, Art of love workshop

Awesome presenters, valuable knowledge from experience. A new lease of life for me.


Nina and Anthony are a great couple and presenters and made the whole workshop a must do for everyone. Thanks guys I look forward to getting into the Tantra and expanding my own relationship.


Thank you Nina and Anthony. Very professional presentation on a sensitive topic. Great information.


Very inspiring and awakening experience. Thank you.


I found the weekend provided missing parts of a jigsaw puzzle on this topic. I now have a comprehensive foundation to continue giving and blossoming as a woman and in relationships. Thank you both.


If you are interested in developing and enhancing your sexual, emotional and general relationship awareness, this course is amazing.


This workshop is beautiful to learn about femininity and sexuality from a spiritual perspective, very nourishing and opening for self-growth and well being. Thank you.


This workshop was like a journey to a best friends kitchen table where topics of love, sex, spirit, pleasure, relationship, men & women were unpacked with honesty, respect and humour.


It is just a fantastic and mind blowing experience. Lot of things to learn from the lovely couple Anthony & Nina. They are amazing. Thanks.


Anthony & Nina shared their knowledge and Tantra journey. It was an inspiring two days that made me aware that true connection in emotional, physical, and spiritual space is possible with Tantra. Loved the two days and would highly recommend to singles and couples of all ages.


The workshop is really worth the money. The combination of information and Anthony's jokes maked it a light-hearted fun workshop.


It was great to come into a workshop that was non-judgemental and non-confrontantional but still explained some very sensitive topics that are generally supressed in today's culture. It was safe. You guys were so welcoming and open.


By understanding the female/male energies, the polarity and the way in which lovemaking can be, I guess now my goal is to develop that and best of all, try it out with some unsuspecting man.


I feel like I have been reborn and are in touch with my whole self. It feels amazing. Blessings.


This course taught me so much more than how to have good sex. I have new skills in connection with others and a positive outlook for my future lovemaking and love giving and love receiving.

Sarah B

Excellent course for those wanting to improve lovemaking and relationships. Presented in a non-invasive friendly environment. Felt very comfortable about matters that aren't easily discussible.


A radiant couple presented a wonderful insight into Tantra. It was refreshing to hear and learn from the male and female perspective. I leave enlightened. Thanks.


If you are looking for greater understanding of yourself, your partner and relationship and your play in the universe – this is the workshop for you. You will learn how to gain greater intimacy how to elaborate your uniqueness and accept yourself in a supportive and positive environment.


Anthony & Nina are so real. I felt as though they had invited me into their lives. There was an honesty and integrity that permeated the entire two days. The material they provided reflected a deep knowledge of the topic and a passion for sharing it. I am profoundly grateful that I was able to attend, and if I lived in Australia, I would attend more of their offerings.

Yasmin, Art of love workshop

The best way to understand and enjoy couples counseling.


The art of love workshop was a great way to spend a weekend learning techniques to form a stronger and lasting bond with my husband.


Doing the Tantra workshop with my husband was the best thing we have done for us. I recommend to any couple wanting to deepen/reconnect with themselves and their relationship – this is THE WORKSHOP. Over flowing gratitude to Nina & Anthony.

Paula, Art of love workshop

Holistic Yoga & Meditation

The Holistic Yoga workshop was above and beyond my expectations. Anthony and Nina are both fountains of knowledge and an inspiration. I walked away with a completely new understanding of the seven chakras and how they relate to yoga. Thank you.

Kylie, Journey through the chakras

What a blessing to receive a practical step-by-step meditation technique that actually works! I am extremely lucky to have been a part of this course.

Reuben W

Foundations of yoga

The course was excellent. Extremely informative and in-depth. Thank you so much Nina for your amazing wealth of knowledge and lovely company.


Extremely enlightening.


When it gets in your blood you start to see results. You just want more. Thanks Nina.


The course exceeded my expectations! It was fantastic and extremely interesting, it has been an amazing extension of the spiritual journey that I began a couple of years ago.


I opened my heart to the universe. – Thanks Nina

Rob, Foundations of yoga

I’m inspired to practice, learn more and more away from the classroom and yoga mat. Nina is a perfectly wonderful teacher of yoga, life, love, energy and the universe. Come and change your world

Amanda, Foundations of yoga

Body Mind Soul Retreat

It was a treat for my mind and body. I feel more connected within myself, I feel free again.


Mind, body and soul has been re-centred and nudged back onto the path of self-assuredness.


Yoga Immersion

There is much more to this retreat than the fantastic food, the lovely people and the destress from everyday life. There is a glimpse of a deeper meaning to the way you live your life and how to enhance it through yoga practice.


Anthony & Nina promote a non-threatening environment that is full of thought provoking content that will have a profound effect on the way you approach life.


I came to the retreat because I wanted some time out for myself. 2014 is my year to make my life different, in order to make my life different, I had to start doing things differently. The yoga retreat was the first step in taking stock and looking within for a change. Anthony and Nina provided the perfect platform to facilitate the first of many personal firsts.


Fabulous food, fabulous hosts, relaxing, motivational, inspirational!


I am feeling alive and inspired.


It will change your life.


Beautiful teachers who have a lovely approach to teaching yoga and meditation. They provide a wonderful environment with excellent food.


Anthony & Nina are patient and knowledgeable teachers. This has been a truly inspirational retreat with awesome yoga, awesome food and awesome people!


I had a lovely weekend. Great location, food, people, and teachers. A must do for anyone wanting a relaxing weekend to find themselves.


The retreat was amazing. The food, location, people and lectures were perfect. I learnt so much and feel really motivated to keep practicing everything I learnt here. Thank you.


Great weekend full of thought provoking activities. As always Anthony removes the dogmatic approach to yoga and meditation that can make it intimidating and instead creates an accessible entry point for anyone beginner or experienced.


I was very unsure of attending a retreat but the experience exceeded my expectations and I have an awareness of the path I am taking as I journey towards personal growth.


I have never looked at yoga and never been away on my own. This has been such an amazing life experience for me, the food, and both of you are so passionate and incredible people.


This weekend has provided me with a safe and warm environment to focus inwards, let go and be me. It’s helped me reconnect with who I am and what’s important to me. The yoga and meditations created stillness and an opportunity to focus inwards and I’m amazed at how much I actually enjoyed that. I’ve met some amazing people and relished the opportunity to connect with others with the same interest. It’s always lovely to hear about others’ journeys. It makes me realise I’m part of a much bigger picture.


A great opportunity to have time to quiet my mind and set my direction for the year ahead. A truly inspiring weekend. Thank you.


This retreat has changed the way I will think about my life from now on.


This retreat has changed the way I will think about my life from now on.


Anthony & Nina promote a non-threatening environment that is full of thought provoking content that will have a profound effect on the way you approach life.

Richard, Yoga immersion retreat

This retreat has shown me how important it is to slow the mind and body in a busy lifestyle, to appreciate and take gratitude in just being.

Isabelle, Yoga immersion retreat

My first retreat – everything was most enjoyable and held my attention with the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience such that it was easy to stay ‘present’. The timetabling was an excellent mix of yoga, meditation, theory, and exercises. The food was awesome. Thank you.

Sarah K, Yoga immersion retreat

I came to this workshop seeking direction for 2015. I have left with a deeper understanding, love and acceptance of myself. I feel focused and eager to face the year ahead. Thank you.

Fiona, Yoga immersion retreat

The retreat was amazing. The food, location, people and lectures were perfect. I learnt so much and feel really motivated to keep practicing everything I learnt here. Thank you. –

Jasmyn, Yoga immersion retreat

On arrival to this retreat, I broke down in tears in my room. I felt overwhelmed and stressed about my day-to-day life. After my weekend of yoga, meditation, goal setting and assessing my values and goals, I’m ready to start over, fresh and be positive. Live in the moment. Thank you Anthony and Nina and all the wonderful people I’ve met this weekend.

Lisa, Yoga immersion retreat

The retreat was excellent I love coming to share and learn about self-awareness with all the beautiful people who also attended. Anthony and Nina have a relaxing and special method of teaching and sharing their wisdom in relation to the teaching and philosophy of yoga. Thank you.


A wonderful holistic environment from accommodation, food, people, exercises, inner discovery flowing comfortably with no pressure. Peaceful atmosphere with love, knowledge and a genuine want to assist and provide a variety of self-development methods. A weekend that will always be in my memory.


I am so glad I came to the retreat. It was great to recharge in a relaxed cruisy environment. I loved the knowledge being shared and loved the feeling of coming back here to myself. Thank you.


An inspiring weekend that teaches so many essential techniques to take your life to a more heightened quality both physically and emotionally.


Was the best choice I've made for myself in a long time... I feel relaxed and grounded, will be back very soon. Thank you.


A blissful experience and a great balance between yoga, meditation, group discussion, relaxation - the food was so tasty. Thank you.


Easter yoga & meditation retreat

Mind, body & soul retreat has brought peace to my mind, body & soul.


The most personally rewarding experience in a long time, I feel at a place of self-love.


The food was wonderful and the practices were led and explained well. All up, highly recommended for anyone looking for more meaning to life.


The information provided was truly inspirational. We were given meditation techniques, yoga practice, spiritual quotes and visual aids. This retreat is highly recommended for people who want to walk on the spiritual path. It was truly amazing.


It’s hard work, it’s physically painful but when you break through the barrier you came here to break anyway, you feel like you can do anything.


I would strongly recommend this to anyone interested in developing their knowledge and experience of yoga and meditation. A life–changing experience for me.


I came here with an incredible anxious and overactive mind and am leaving a different person. I have a calmer mind and now know the tools to maintain this feeling at home.


Anthony is a knowledge leader, he has a greater mission, vision and power. If you haven’t heard about him, you will in the future.


Anthony and Nina have created a truly unique and inspired retreat. You will leave having a deeper connection with yourself and the universe.

Kavita, Easter yoga & meditation retreat

I expect this retreat to be one of those pivotal moments in my life where I look back in years to come and see how making that one decision to attend changed the course of my life.

Taryn, Easter yoga & meditation retreat

My experience of this retreat had been phenomenal. I found it very challenging because of the huge personal growth and transformation that I experienced. I am overwhelmingly grateful to have been here.


With respect, constant support, encouragement in a safe and happy, positive environment, Nina and Anthony helped me to realize that what I was searching for was with me all the time. Showed me how to unlock my mind, heart, and soul. I now look at life with new eyes - new beginning - I can say I have left the old me behind. Only forward. Only positive. I gained so much more from this experience. Thank you to Nina and Anthony


This meditation retreat has woken me up and reminded me to nurture my soul no matter what. It has helped me find a place of peace, which feels very empowering.


I came here looking for answers and direction. I found my inner self, my own happiness without reason. It’s amazing what you can hear when you don’t speak.


Enneagram Workshops

Being only in my early twenties and very new to the spiritual path, I have found this weekend to be absolutely phenomenal. I have learnt so much and I am so grateful to have found the Enneagram now that it will forever help me on my journey through life.


I’ve studied psychology via degree and post graduate, yet had more insight into personalities through this course than any other.


Thought provoking. Enjoyable and relaxing process of discovery.


A deeply enriching course that connects you to the deepest parts of yourself, your suffering and the causes for your own happiness.


The Enneagram – from shadow to light has given me the opportunity to further my understanding of this amazing tool. Anthony presents this course in a practical and ‘down to earth’ way that makes the course content easy to engage with.


This workshop has been great for me, it has helped me to really see the impact I have on others in both a positive and negative way. The workshop has also provided me with practical techniques to harmonise those negative behaviours.


Anthony, a personal thank you once again for a beautiful enlightening workshop. The practical skills learnt have provided a deeper understanding and acceptance of my Enneagram type. You have a unique ability to deliver material in a way that is engaging and easily penetrable for such a potentially complex topic. You create workshops where it’s easy to feel accepted and welcome. Thanks!


I would highly recommend the Enneagram shadow to light workshop. Anthony is a gifted teacher and facilitator of this amazing esoteric system for understanding oneself. If you are ready to take the steps toward personal transformation, this is for you. You won’t regret this opportunity to grow and expand your conscious awareness. Thank you.


I loved this course. A wonderfully integrated weekend where I left with a deeper understanding of the Enneagram. Great presenter, great group, great location. A weekend well worth going to. Thanks!


It is incredible the transformation that learning about the Enneagram can bring. Like a room that has been closed and in the dark for years, once the door is opened and the light of awareness enters, the darkness disappears instantly. I have felt this power of the Enneagram in my own life and Anthony is exceptional at imparting this profound wisdom with clarity, humour and compassion. I highly recommend this workshop.


The Enneagram will provide you with a different understanding of yourself. It will surprise you.


I found this course to be an excellent start to my journey toward enlightenment. I feel as if I have just bought my first set of tools to help me build a new awareness.


A gift.


This workshop was pleasantly practical while also interesting and rewarding. You don’t have to be interested in spirituality, philosophy or anything that may be considered alternative to get something out of this program. All you need is a desire to learn more about yourself and others.


The two-day workshop massively enriched my knowledge about myself, the people that surround me at home, friends and the workplace. An easy and effective tool to use for all to benefit from.


The Enneagram workshop provided clarity around why I behave how I do and the patterns in my behaviour. It has also provided a clear sense of what I can do to move forward in life.


I don’t want to say what my life would have been like without the ancient knowledge of the Enneagram, but it does make me wonder. It is very profound and I think this workshop has shown a reflection of myself, something I wouldn’t have believed possible.


From my Enneagram teachings I have gained a greater understanding of the unconscious forces behind my behaviour and outlook on the world. I am excited by the prospects of this new found self-awareness.


The Enneagram has allowed me to learn more about myself than anything else to do with personal development that I have encountered. It gave me a sense of relief on personal issues, giving structure for inner transformation.


This learning has given me so much more self understanding. It's been like an anti-depressant pill! Knowing the areas I need to work on and the positive aspects of my personality as reflected in the Enneagram has made me feel a massive increase in self-love. Thank you for guiding me to these revelations. Hooray I'm not crazy, and horray I'm not the only one in the world that functions in these ways.


Anthony's confident style, competence and depth of understanding of the Enneagram and his ability to balance the needs of all group members all contributed to an enjoyable and meaningful experience. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to explore the Enneagram as a method of self-discovery.


I came with an open mind and I have been blown away by the Enneagram. Most of this comes down to the clear delivery and openness of the workshop. Anthony is so authentic and credible and his enthusiasm for this system as a tool for self-development engaged me from beginning to end.


The workshop exceeded my expectations. Anthony is a fantastic facilitator and very knowledgeable. It was a completely safe and fun environment to learn more about myself and how I relate to those around me. I'd highly recommend it.


I had no prior knowledge of the Enneagram, and found that it has given me vital tools to better understand people, further enrich my life, and deepened my spiritual awareness.