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Accelerate your growth at one of our transforming workshops.

Nina Hansen

Holistic workshops – a new start

Holistic yoga workshops are designed for growth. Our extensive experience means we know what works and how you can create real results fast. Join us at one of our engaging workshops and learn some new life skills.

We combine relevant theory with the experiential aspect to produce positive outcomes that create genuine transformation. Our insights into the spiritual path, Tantra and personal development are comprehensive in nature and we create a relaxed environment that assists you to become the best version of yourself.

“Growth in a group dynamic is a fun and rewarding experience. My experiential approach allows the participants to explore and experience themselves in a new light providing lots of 'a-ha' moments and insights that open doorways to a more fulfilling purposeful way of living. ”

Anthony O'Flynn

An opportunity to learn and grow

Have you tried to learn about spiritual pursuits and personal development from a book? It can work but often it will only take you so far. Nothing can substitute a real life experience in real time.

Holistic workshops

Our workshops gather those who seek more knowledge in an interactive setting within the framework of a group dynamic. We aim to provide you with tools, information, knowledge and experiential practices that give genuine lasting results.

We have a combined experience of over 36 years in meditation, yoga and personal development.

Our workshops cover a diverse range of topics and modalities. Topics included are meditation, mindfulness, how to live a happy life, the 7 chakras, yoga, astrology, Tantric sexuality, the Enneagram, personal development, transforming depression and various other topics relevant to contemporary spirtuality.  


What are workshops are not

Are workshops are not group therapy sessions. We do not ask people to share their deepest secrets or aspects of themselves that they are not comfortable with. We do not 'probe' people or ask them embarassing questions. We do however seek to create a relaxed compassionate atmosphere which is a key catalyst for real growth.  

Group dynamic

We find that the group energy combined with respectful personalised attention gives a concentrated effect that produces beneficial outcomes with all of the particpants learning about themselves through the others. The group dynamic also contributes to a fun light-hearted atmosphere. We believe that laughter and joy are intrinsic to the workshop experience.

What they say

Another brilliant workshop about the fusion of love, sex and spirituality. It's truly a blessing to have Anthony and Nina deliver such timely and beautiful teachings about the art of love. Thank you with my deepest gratitude.


Being only in my early twenties and very new to the spiritual path, I have found this weekend to be absolutely phenomenal. I have learnt so much and I am so grateful to have found the Enneagram now that it will forever help me on my journey through life.


The Holistic Yoga workshop was above and beyond my expectations. Anthony and Nina are both fountains of knowledge and an inspiration. I walked away with a completely new understanding of the seven chakras and how they relate to yoga. Thank you.