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Time for relaxation, rejuvenation, to reconnect & empower.

Nina Hansen

Holistic Yoga Retreats

A yoga retreat is a wonderful opportunity to get some space in your life and connect with an environment that supports states of peace, calmness and deep relaxation. A retreat assists you to concentrate your energy and focus, which can often result in a personal breakthrough, increased clarity and profound inner transformation.

What our participants say

Time away to reconnect & rejuvenate

We offer a range of Queensland yoga retreats that are diverse in nature. Recharge and nourish yourself and discover a whole new dimension of your being, your natural state of deep harmony with yourself and others. 

Take some time out

A yoga retreat is a window of opportunity to reset your life and get some perspective. This is also a wonderful environment to acclerate your growth and take your self-awareness to a whole new level.

Dedicate time for some much needed self-care and relax. Enjoy some nutritious cuisine, mix with other like-minded souls and learn some new and practical teachings that you will take with you when you depart. 

A retreat is a chance to put your life on pause, reflect and contemplate your jouney and set your inner compass in the right direction. This is your chance to get an overview of where your life is going, take a breath, change direction if you feel to and let go of what is no longer working for you.

Invest in your soul!

We continuously find that participants at our retreats leave in a completely different state to the one that they arrived in. Even after just one weekend the feedback we consistently receive is that people leave calmer, more centred and more balanced after one of our inspiring yoga retreats.


What they say

The retreat was excellent I love coming to share and learn about self-awareness with all the beautiful people who also attended. Anthony and Nina have a relaxing and special method of teaching and sharing their wisdom in relation to the teaching and philosophy of yoga. Thank you.


A wonderful holistic environment from accommodation, food, people, exercises, inner discovery flowing comfortably with no pressure. Peaceful atmosphere with love, knowledge and a genuine want to assist and provide a variety of self-development methods. A weekend that will always be in my memory.


My experience of this retreat had been phenomenal. I found it very challenging because of the huge personal growth and transformation that I experienced. I am overwhelmingly grateful to have been here.