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Stillness of mind through the practice of meditation provides harmony in all aspects of life.

Anthony O'Flynn

Holistic Meditation – food for your soul

The practice of meditation is a necessary skill for the frenetic pace of life in the 21st century. Stillness, clarity of mind and inner peace are just some of the numerous qualities that meditation produces.

Meditation is a science for an enhanced quality of life that has endured the test of time. With mental health becoming an increasing issue for so many around the globe, more and more people are turning to meditation as means to cope with the various challenges that life brings us.

“As the impressions of the external world become still by the practice of meditation, the gentle whisper of your heart becomes your mentor & guide.”

Nina Hansen

Harmony for mind, body & soul

What is Holistic Meditation

Holisitc Yoga & Meditation is an authentic Tantric yoga school providing a genuine spiritual path. Tantra itself is an ancient spiritual tradition dating approximately 5000 years. After thriving in both India and Tibet, today Tantra has become popular in the west.

We teach a range of meditations techniques that are not dogmatic and you do not need to change your belief system to practice the meditations.

Research has revealed that meditation causes beneficial changes to the brain which confirms the effects of meditation can assist with stress management. Presence and stillness of the mind help with decision making and creativity. Moreover, scientific studies indicate that the practice of meditation improves cognitive and intellectual abilities. 

Buddha was asked what he gained from meditation. "Nothing" he replied. “However, let me tell you what I lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.”

The effects

Meditation is not the latest fad and its benefits have endured over the ages.

  • Improve concentration
  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance brain chemistry
  • Create a more balanced positive mood
  • Slow the aging process 
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Deeper sleep
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Improved immune system
  • Lower blood pressure  

What they say

What a blessing to receive a practical step-by-step meditation technique that actually works! I am extremely lucky to have been a part of this course.

Reuben W

I came here looking for answers and direction. I found my inner self, my own happiness without reason. It’s amazing what you can hear when you don’t speak.


I never knew meditation would be so easily this good and this rewarding. I only wish the course was longer.