Tantra | Holistic Yoga & Meditation

Discover Tantric sexuality and enhance your lovemaking and intimacy.

Nina Hansen & Anthony O'Flynn

Tantra – the path of the divine feminine & masculine.

 This sacred path of awakening is a path of energy and embraces many different modalities to accelerate inner transformation and awakening.

Practitioners of Tantric sex consistently report greater pleasure, deeper intimacy and more fulfilling lovemaking. This fusion of the masculine and the feminine in harmony using the sexual energy as a source of connection fuels the erotic play. An intrinsic aspect of the Tantric path is conscious relationships and how the lovers relate to each other celebrating the differences between the feminine and the masculine.

“ The masculine & feminine are dancing the cosmic dance of polarity throughout this entire universe. Plus & minus, man & woman are swirling in an interconnected embrace of love & attraction.”

Nina Hansen

The path of Tantra

Holisitc Yoga & Meditation is an authentic Tantric yoga school providing a genuine spiritual path. The Tantric path is an ancient spiritual tradition dating approximately 5000 years.

After thriving in both India and Tibet, today the essence of this tradition is becoming increasingly  popular in the West applied with a modern integration and approach.

A universal network

Tantra describes the universe as a network of energy that we are in constant interaction with. It tells us that everything is interconnected. The word Tantra itself means web, illustrating this network of energy that pervades the universe.

One particular saying in Tantra states that when you cut a blade of grass the whole universe shakes. This expresses the interconnected nature of this manifestation.

The word Tantra itself literally translated is – means of expansion. Perhaps these two definitions are intertwined and effectively refer to a means to expand one's web.

A universe of energy

This network of energy includes all your actions and everything you are surrounded by; the environment, the food you eat, your friends, family, thoughts, emotions, the sun, the moon and ultimately the entire universe.

Most people are unconscious of these forces and the effect of this energetic whirlpool that is significantly influencing your life. Tantra offers the knowledge of a conscious interaction with the universe. Once becoming conscious of the subtle workings of the universe you may use this knowledge for improving the quality of your life at any level.

Direct personal experience provides the seeker with the answers to the deepest and most elusive mysteries of the universe.

A 21st century sexuality

Tantra seeks to explore the depths of the pure, natural phenomenon of sexuality. Our sexuality is our divine birth-right and Tantra offers an opportuntiy to explore this deep inner drive to a much deeper more profound level.

In Tantra there is a true union,  presence and healing. Sex now becomes a cosmic experience with an integration that completely transcends the 'normal' sexual experience that many are dissatisfied with. Here we can experience a much deeper and satisfying feeling of wholeness.  

A life embracing spirituality

Tantra also embraces a number of wide ranging doctrines that assist in this quest.

Such metaphysical pursuits include the study of astrology, cosmology, astronomy, the use of the coloured subtle streams of energy, astral projection, music, dance, development of sidddhis (paranormal powers), the use of the Tantric sexuality, alternative medicine, alchemy, sacred geometry, hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, mudras, bandhas, the arousing of kundalini shakti, the study of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers, Kashmir Shaivism, the study and visualisation of the aura, the use of yantras, methods for revealing the Supreme Self (Atman) and techniques for achieving cosmic consciousness – samadhi.

Supporting your journey

Each individual has specific goals for introducing yoga into their life. The practical application of the various branches of Tantra will help to achieve these aims.

The list above has been specifically included to introduce participants to the enormous potential and scope that characterises the Tantric system. The various branches of this yoga system have distinct applications to daily life and once understood they can be implemented in a way that is suited to every individual.

Tantra is holistic in nature and its diversity appeals to a wide range of spiritual practitioners. Clearly the Tantric system has so many components that an area of specific interest is bound to attract each individual to meet their own unique needs.

What they say

If you are interested in developing and enhancing your sexual, emotional and general relationship awareness, this course is amazing.


Anthony & Nina are so real. I felt as though they had invited me into their lives. There was an honesty and integrity that permeated the entire two days. The material they provided reflected a deep knowledge of the topic and a passion for sharing it. I am profoundly grateful that I was able to attend, and if I lived in Australia, I would attend more of their offerings.


This course taught me so much more than how to have good sex. I have new skills in connection with others and a positive outlook for my future lovemaking and love giving and love receiving.

Sarah B