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Why are mantras so powerful?

By Anthony O'Flynn

You have probably tried meditation. How did it go? Did you learn a traditional technique or did you go for the latest craze backed by the wonderful wisdom of the new age?

Meditation techniques can vary wildly depending on their source of origin and the outcome or effects will also differ. It is important to select an authentic meditation that will generate a genuine transformation. Today phrases are thrown around like ‘ raise your vibration’ but how do you exactly do that?

A Tantric practice

Mantras are directly linked to the Tantric path. The use of mantras has been verified repeatedly by seekers over thousands of years. Some teachers even consider mantras to be the most powerful of all meditation techniques. The word mantra has crept into pop-culture and is now an everyday word. Yet mantras originated in India.

The power of the mantra

The power of the mantra is both in the repetition and the structure of the mantra itself. The language of the mantra is the key to its power. Mantras are from the Sanskrit language. This sacred language has a very elevated frequency. By repeating the mantra the meditator creates a resonance with the vibration of the mantra. The union or fusion with the practitioner and the frequency that the mantra embodies, produces the consciousness that is related to the mantra. The repetition deepens the resonance as the practitioner merges with this sacred vibration as the transformation through this fusion becomes apparent.

Spectrum of consciousness

Mantras have a range of applications and can produce a multitude of effects across the spectrum of consciousness. The states that can be created include increased clarity and calmness of the mind, inner peace, harmony, compassion, an altered relationship to space and time, unconditional love, self-confidence, self-acceptance, increased will-power, intuition, pure awareness and many many others.

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About the author

Anthony O'Flynn

Holistic Life Coach, Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Anthony is a true pioneer in the field of modern spirituality. His approach allows him to navigate a broad range of topics and modalities while drawing connections and offering profound insights into consciousness and the spiritual path. Anthony’s purpose is to awaken individuals to the power of the human soul and discover a life of true purpose and inspiration.

His ability to link the ancient and the modern provides a bridge between traditional spirituality and a 21st century lifestyle. His approach is insightful and his audience enjoys his spirited humour, profound knowledge and light-hearted style of communicating timeless truths.

Anthony's message expresses a true wisdom that can only be accumulated by 18 years of experience on the path, complete with breakthroughs, mistakes, dead-ends, realisations, acceptance and joy for the profound journey of life.  

Anthony regards himself as an eternal student but it is the role of awakener and educator that is apparent through the countless workshops, courses, retreats and events that he facilitates. He is a skilled presenter and speaker with an ability to articulately communicate concepts that ‘stick’ with the audience creating many ‘a-ha’ moments and genuine transformations that represent his unique gift.

As a certified life-coach, Anthony is also passionate about personal development and uses the tool of the Enneagram to support the removing of blocks and assist to inspire his clients to be the best version of themselves. Anthony has embraced the path of Tantra since 1999 and he draws on his extensive experience in this field in the teaching of Tantric sexuality.

After studying at university for six years and completing a Masters in Communications at Monash University in Melbourne, Anthony embarked on a global expedition travelling across the globe. Anthony’s life-long interest in mysticism dramatically intensified on a trip to India in 1999, where he began to practice yoga and meditation. This turning point led to a deeper spiritual integration and led to Anthony spending more than two years of his life in India. Anthony deeply immersed himself in the practice of yoga, meditation and studied numerous diverse paths and topics related to spirituality.

Anthony is also the Director of the Paradigm Shift Summit, which is a movement of socially and spiritually aware people who recognise that an awakening is occurring as humanity evolves to a higher more elevated level of consciousness. The Paradigm Shift movement is an expression of the goal of assisting humanity transform to a new level of awareness during this critical transition.

Anthony feels a deep gratitude to live as a spiritual practitioner. He enjoys communicating this critical message and continues to help inspire others to make choices to maximise their own happiness while developing the tranquility of inner peace, presence and true wisdom. 

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